I graduated from school, and found a great job in the city. Moving away from my home and family was difficult, but I was so excited it hardly registered the day I left. A few days later, I was homesick enough to consider quitting my job and moving home in defeat. I called home instead, and my dad gave me some great advice.

He told me that a lot of my homesickness was due to having no friends in the city. He urged me to give it a minimum of two weeks before I turned tail, and I agreed only because my dad was the one suggesting it. I suffered extreme loneliness every day and night that week, but I was determined to stick it out. I tried talking to just about everyone I met, but no one seemed to want to talk with me.

Over the weekend, I was truly lost. I spent Saturday morning buying things for my new place, and I stopped in at a local coffee shop on my way home. It was raining out, so the shop was very crowded. A woman sitting alone at a table offered me a seat, and I thanked her for her kindness. I had gotten over talking to strangers by that time, so I stayed silent.

We sat together for about a quarter of an hour, and the silence became awkward. She looked like she wanted to speak, and I began to feel the same way. We both started talking at once, and I soon realized she was new to the city as well. After laughing at our awkwardness, we traded information about where we had come from and where we both worked. Our conversation was a lot of fun, and it was nice to find a new friend in the city who was just like me.